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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Maya | Las Vegas Child Photography

when a session begins with the mother saying about her daughter: "she's in a bad mood," you never really know what to expect. what you do know, is that your job just got a little more interesting. but that's what is so great about photography. you, the photographer, have the power to make your clients smile, to make them feel beautiful or handsome or special. and they are, every one of them.

maya was a sassy one to say the least. she would frown or shiver or pout in between most clicks of my camera, but let me tell you: when my camera was on her she was nothing less than perfection. 

i fell in love a little, guys.

even when she gave me a little something like this, i was loving every minute.

because this would follow:

this session was from early december 2012, and ever since then i've been dreaming about the next time i get to shoot her, and hoping that her gorgeous mother will join in next time.

i should be so lucky.

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