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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Inspired by | Lifestyle Photographers

i'm going to go ahead and say that today is one of those rare days that don't happen nearly often enough: those days where you are feeling so inspired it's as if your head might explode.

the last time i remember feeling like this was the day i watched jasmine star's creative live first restart episode. i mean, i really felt as if i needed to bust out of the walls of my home and get someone in front of my camera right that second!

the thing is, inspiration can come from anywhere. me, i'm a visual person (really? you aren't surprised are you?) so a lot of what inspires me are photographs, movies, typography, fashion, and even home decor. first and foremost, i am inspired by other photographers work, and these four are at the very top of my list.

andria lindquist - website

jasmine star - website

tim coulson - website

Basil Vargas - website