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Saturday, July 21, 2012

it's okay to admit you're still learning

this morning i finished reading jasmine stars' "exposed". to say that it had my mind reeling is an understatement. besides all of her very practical advice for getting past your fears, working with what you have, and learning to make your clients comfortable, it was this line of thought that resonates the most with me: it's okay to admit that you're new to photography. everyone has been there at one point in their career. there's nothing wrong with acknowledging that you're still learning. 

and so, today, i'm not afraid to say that i'm still new to photography.

i have only been in business for two years; one year back home in canada and just over one year out here in las vegas. i'm also not afraid to confess that i still find it difficult to tell people that i am a photographer... you know, when that oh-so-expected "so what do you do?" question comes up in conversation. more often that not it's my sister in law or my husband announcing it for me. 

so here i am, admitting it: i'm a photographer, and i'm still new. but you know what? that's not a bad thing. it means i want it bad. it means i'm hungry. it means that i'm ready to show you what i can do. and it means that i'm still learning. and the moment you stop learning, the moment you stop trying new things and going to new heights is the moment that it all ends. photography is a learning experience. life is a learning experience. there is always more to know, and more to do.

join me, won't you?

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